Project to demonstrate the power of regular expression during input validation

This is a react-bootstrap component that performs reglur expression checking as you type. This capability uses another project incr-regex-package. This is a specialised regular expression matcher that can perform incremental regular expression matching.


Added link to visualise regexp (just below some of the input elements)

Clearly, this is useful for input validation. In particular it was to provide a more standard way to support masked input. Firstly, I would like to say that the Masked Input package is very useful and easy to use.

What I did not like as the method for defining the mask. It works very well, but I found the method of defining input mask rather limited. The package has nice documentation and I highly recommend you look at it. It would have been nice if the mask could be defined using a regular expression. That turns out to be hard, becuase regular expression will match the entire input after you have entered it, but I have found no way to check the input as you are typing it in, check if the partial string matches the regular expression. Some notes:i>

Demo Examples

Link to Regexp visualizer

Demo code here